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There are several different types of headaches. The most common are tension headaches, sinus headaches and migraines. Headaches of any kind are the most common reason Americans medicate themselves.

Tension headaches are those headaches that we associated with stress or fatigue. It is also common for many people to have headaches if they miss a meal or their morning coffee. Tension headaches are so named because they come from muscle tension either in the neck going up to the head or of the muscles under the scalp. When these muscles dysfunction and become too tense they cause pain in the head.

Sinus headaches arise from pressure in the sinuses that are located at the upper part of the face, over and under the eyes. When the sinuses become inflamed the pressure within them builds and causes pain.

Migraine headaches, also simply referred to as migraines, afflict about 20% of all Americans at some point in their lives. In about half of those, migraines will begin in childhood or adolescence. Most migraine sufferers are women, perhaps due to the influence of hormonal imbalances. Migraines tend to be the most debilitating of all headaches with profound throbbing, sensitivity to light and nausea being the most common aspects. While other types of headaches can be simple in their cause, migraines tend to have multiple aspects to their causation. These different factors include nerve pressure, blood vessel dilation or constriction, food sensitivities, environmental triggers like smells and for women the hormonal fluctuations associated with menstruation.

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    A Chiropractic Approach to Headache Treatment

    Medical care for migraines consists almost entirely of medications some of which are quite powerful and can result in severe and dangerous side effects. These medications range from anti-depressants to beta blockers to anticonvulsants. And while these medications may be effective in quelling some of the symptoms they do not address the underlying cause of the migraine, allowing the cause or causes to increase in severity over time.

    Ironically migraines can be brought about by an overuse of medication taken for headaches!

    Chiropractic adjustments, while not a specific treatment for headaches of any type, have been proven repeatedly to be an invaluable asset for those suffering from them. It has been proven that upwards of 90% of all tension headaches, for instance, are caused by misaligned vertebrae or subluxations, which cause nerve irritation resulting in spasm of the muscles of the upper neck and skull which then causes a tension headache. Sinus headaches can likewise be triggered by irritated nerves resulting from subluxations, which then result in sinus dysfunction causing a painful amount of pressure to build up in the sinuses. As the common causation for tension and sinus headaches is irritated nerves due to misaligned vertebrae or subluxations, chiropractic adjustments, which correct subluxations, have been proven to be invaluable to headache sufferers.

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    Migraine headaches likewise are largely the result of subluxations that cause nerve irritation and altered blood flow and therefore also have a great response to chiropractic adjustments. Because they can have multiple causative factors, migraines, more often than the other types of headaches, can also require functional nutrition in order to be corrected. A large part of the migraine is inflammation, which can be greatly reduced through the proper use of diet and supplementation. Sometimes in addition to using x-rays to see the subluxations, migraine sufferers will need blood work or other lab analysis to determine what functional or metabolic problems may be contributing to their problem.

    Whether you have tension or sinus or migraine headaches you will find that chiropractic adjustments and functional nutrition can help immensely. Not because we treat the headache itself but because we take the time to find out WHY you are suffering from these headaches and what we will need to do to help you back to normal function again.