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Constipation is one of the most common digestive dysfunctions plaguing Americans, with women suffering more often than men. In addition, constipation can afflict infants and small children.

Contrary to popular belief, while there are those constipation sufferers who have never had a salad, many people suffering from constipation are eating plenty of fiber and roughage and also drink lots of water. So why are they irregular? Because while it is important to eat properly and drink enough water, constipation can be due to other problems.

It is common for people with chronic constipation to take a variety of over the counter stool softeners or other medications. Sometimes harsh prescription laxatives are used resulting in irritation to the intestine. Other people regularly use enemas or colonic therapy. While these can be effective they can lead to a loss of normal function as the intestines become used to being flushed out from the outside and lose their ability to move the digested food through and out of the body.

Getting Back to Your Regular Self

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    Chiropractors have such great success with constipated patients because nerve irritation caused by misaligned vertebrae or subluxations can result in a loss of normal tone within the digestive system. This loss of normal tone can slow down movement within the large intestine causing bowel movements to become irregular and infrequent. After receiving chiropractic adjustments patients who had come to think of their once or twice per week bowel movements as “normal for me” become far more regular and as a result, far healthier.

    Infants and toddlers likewise have great results from chiropractic adjustments, with the result often being a full diaper before leaving the chiropractic office.

    There are times when in addition to chiropractic adjustments our constipated patients will require help in the form of functional nutrition. This may consist of changes in the diet or a specific protocol or the use of nutritional supplements to help return the body to normal function. Sometimes constipation is the result of an undetected metabolic problem that is found when we send the patient out for blood work or other functional testing. Whatever the case we will do what we need to in order to learn how to help you get back to being your regular self again.