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Insomnia can be a complete inability to fall asleep or once having fallen asleep not being able to have restful or restorative sleep, or waking often without cause.

Insomnia can be associated with other health problems including fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure,thyroid dysfunction and obesity. For obvious reasons people suffering from pain or other forms of physical discomfort will likewise suffer from poor sleep. But that is not the same as chronic insomnia.

Insomnia usually has a couple of common root causes:

Nerve irritation due to misaligned vertebrae or subluxations. The central nervous system controls and coordinates all function with our body. If the nervous system, especially at the area at the top of the neck, is irritated then the signals coming from it or being interpreted by it can be incorrect. This can cause hyperactivity in certain parts of the brain, which can then result in abnormal sleep patterns, or insomnia. While chiropractic adjustments are not intended to treat insomnia, the evidence is overwhelming that restoring normal nerve flow and tone is invaluable to restoring normal sleep patterns. Just ask the parents of babies who would not sleep and then received an adjustment and slept through the night!

Chemical or metabolic dysfunction due to environmental irritants. These can be food allergies or sensitivities, nutritional insufficiencies, or environmental toxins including medication side effects. Often chemical imbalances in our body can result in hormones being released at the wrong time or in the wrong amount,which prevents us from falling asleep or staying asleep. While we do not claim to treat insomnia with functional nutrition, we know that clearing out the toxins and restoring normal metabolic function to the body can help restore its normal patterns, including sleep.

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