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A Roswell Chiropractor’s Insights on the Teen Technology Chasm

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Being a teenager today is much different today than it was in the past. Smartphones are widely popular and are more capable than they ever have been before. That’s we world we live in today, and it comes with its dangers. Dr. Charles Krieger, a Roswell chiropractor, offers insights on the dangers of teens’ over usage of technology.

Social GapsRoswell Chiropractor_Text

Teens are very excellent at communicating through text; it’s actually a form of communication that the rest of us need to catch up on. Teens lead the pack in picking out the perfect emoji, knowing how many exclamation points to use, and other modern writing choices, but they struggle with important social and communication skills that are widespread among other age groups. Teens have gained a fluency in digital communications, but a smartphone divide has been created—as seen in disconnect with families and in other relationship issues. The rising generation is growing up with unhealthy relationships and broken communication methods.

Physical Injuries

Roswell Chiropractor_DrivingDistracted driving shouldn’t be a foreign concept to us anymore. Most teens feel comfortable enough with their phones that they will use such devices while driving—though most admit it’s a dangerous habit. That realization doesn’t stop them from texting and driving, though. Usually, most teens expect a response within five minutes, so teens feel pressured to hurry with a response even if they’re not freed up to text at that moment. One could say this is an addiction, but be aware, parents; your children are watching your acts and viewing them as acceptable. Anyone who texts and drives is putting lives in danger, but anyone who texts and drives with someone who’s growing or easily influences—e.g., a teen—is potentially leading the rising generation into unhealthy habits.


The overreliance of smartphones is impacting our youth and our society. Digital dementia is a concern for tomorrow and today. The posture smartphones require is damaging and straining to our spines, and we often use search engines rather than using our brains. Teens are growing up in this unhealthy environment, and their development under this digital time is troubling. Dr. Charles Krieger, a Roswell chiropractor, will be speaking more on this topic.

Be well-informed on digital dementia as it’s an extremely relevant topic. To learn more about digital dementia, its causes, and how chiropractic care can help, join Krieger Health Solutions Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 6:30 p.m. at our office in Roswell.

Chiropractic Care

Patients of chiropractic care notice a profound difference in their health as it’s a great way to get and stay healthy. It’s a versatile and drugless practice that cares for the core of pain rather than treating symptoms.

Visiting Krieger Health Solutions is a first step to caring for digital dementia. Dr. Charles Krieger, a Roswell chiropractor, specializes in chiropractic care to address many of the issues associated with digital dementia.

To start the process to radically improve your health, contact Krieger Health Solutions today at or 770-993-4425. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more health tips, insights, and information.

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