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Fussy toddlers usually end up with tablets in front of their faces, but that response will become a habit if it’s regular, opening the door for digital dementia. Dr. Charles Krieger, a Roswell chiropractor, advises limiting toddler tablet time.

How does Tablet Time lead to Digital Dementia?

Digital dementia is a sensory mismatch caused by the overuse of technology. What’s overlooked and concerning about the use of handheld digital technology is the poor posture required to use it—think the hunched over position we have when we look at our smart devices.

This poor posture affects the neurology of the toddler through sensory disassociation. This is a result of the frontal lobe—the part of the brain that’s under the forehead—becoming underdeveloped through tablet use whereas the rear hemisphere of the brain—known as the occipital lobe—is overdeveloped because its function is to process visual stimuli.

Is Digital Dementia Real?

You might’ve heard that digital dementia is a condition we should be wary about in the future as technology becomes ubiquitous, but look around; that time is now. Smartphones are in everyone’s hands, all content can be streamed within moments, and we heavily rely on search engines as our primary resource. The future we were warned about years ago is our present.Roswell Chiropractor_Tablet

Yes—digital dementia is real, and it’s a problem today, says Roswell chiropractor Dr. Krieger.

How Much is Too Much?

The more often toddlers use tablets, the more and more they rely on them. A toddler’s recommended daily usage for such devices is 30 supervised minutes per day. Toddlers learn best from real-world situations, so using digital media for learning purposes isn’t the most effective option—plus, it’s a harmful habit to form.

What’re the Risks?

Being reliant on tablets to do the thinking for us causes us to rely less on our brain. Spending hours on devices causes us to suffocate the stimulation to our neurological pathways. Time away from such devices give more opportunity to improve brain health.Roswell Chiropractor_Tablet

Additionally, we develop habits at a young age. If tablets are a weighty portion of a toddler’s routine, extended use of such devices will be a habit as the toddler grows and matures.

What’re the Benefits?

Tablets offer many great educational apps and access to educational programming. Considering the simplicity of touchscreens, tablets are easy-to-use devices that have nearly no learning curve to operate. Whereas some technologies are complicated to use, which takes away from the user’s experience, tablets offer no distractions to the user considering functionality, making comprehension of the educational content easier to digest for toddlers.

Digital Dementia Seminar

In this age of digital ubiquity, be well-informed on this extremely relevant topic. To learn more about digital dementia, its causes, and how chiropractic care can help, join Krieger Health Solutions Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 6:30 p.m. at our office in Roswell.

Visiting Krieger Health Solutions is a first step to caring for digital dementia. Dr. Charles Krieger, a Roswell chiropractor, specializes in chiropractic care to address many of the issues associated with digital dementia.

To start the process to radically improve your health, contact Krieger Health Solutions today at drckrieger@gmail.com or 770-993-4425. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more health tips, insights, and information.

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