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Is Your Child In Danger of Digital Dementia?

Digital Dementia_Brain

Because of the emergence and ubiquity of mobile technology, our habits are changing. With our cellphones practically glued to our hands, we’re consistently hunched over, gazing at a digital screen. The bigger problem is that our kids are developing these habits, which leads to digital dementia.

What is Digital Dementia?

Digital dementia is not something we predict will come in the future—it’s here now and here to stay. Some simplify digital dementia as our reliance on technology. We store all the phone numbers we need to know in our smartphones, so we never have to memorize them; we rely on spell check to proofread our content, but we can’t spell “definitely” without that tool; we jog our memories by a simple Google search instead of exercising our brains. However, digital dementia is not simply a result of our using technology as a crutch.Digital Dementia_Kids

Digital dementia is a sensory mismatch that is a result of the overuse of technology that requires poor posture when being used—e.g., cellphones and handheld video game consoles.

This poor posture, which some refer to as “Pokémon posture,” affects the neurology of the child or adolescent through sensory disassociation. This is a result of the frontal lobe—the part of the brain that’s under the forehead—being underdeveloped whereas the rear hemisphere of the brain—known as the occipital lobe—is overdeveloped because its function is to process visual stimuli.

Adolescents who have digital dementia show a decline in cognition and short-term memory loss, which are the two symptoms of dementia. The signs and symptoms of digital dementia are:

  • Slouched posture
  • Developmental delays
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Lack of motivation
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Balance disorders
  • Uncoordinated movement patterns

Is Your Child At Risk?

If your child uses a mobile device, handheld video game console, or any device that demands a hunched posture, he or she is at risk for digital dementia.Digital Dementia_Video

Visiting Krieger Health Solutions is a first step to caring for digital dementia. Dr. Charles Krieger specializes in chiropractic care to address many of the issues associated with digital dementia. In addition to addressing digital dementia, Krieger Health Solutions offers care to promote better overall health.

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