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Thermal and Surface EMG Scanning Explained

Thermal and Surface EMG Scanning Is Changing Chiropractic

Modern technology is capable of some pretty amazing feats these days, and chiropractic is no exception. Since being developed more than 100 years ago by Dr.  Daniel David Palmer, chiropractic care has grown into the largest, provider of drug-free healthcare in the world.  One way chiropractic is leading the way in healthcare is through the use of thermal and surface EMG scans. This new technology allows doctors of chiropractic to locate the areas of interference within the patient’s nervous system.

What is a thermal and surface EMG scanning?thermal and surface EMG

If you are like a lot of people, the idea of thermal and surface EMG scanning brings to mind a vague idea or what it might be, but what is it exactly? EMG is the shortened version of electromyography, and works in much the same way as EKG or heart rate monitor; it is used to measure electrical activity in the muscles of body, in this case, the muscles of the spine.

The body’s electrical system is a complicated entity controlling everything from muscles and nerves to our internal organs. An imbalance in this system can cause a short out, almost like that of your car. The result being overcompensation by other muscles causing pain, fatigue and a host of other health issues. Static and Dynamic Surface  electromyography, or SEMG Technology, can be used by chiropractors to assess and monitor these electro-imbalances. Especially for the paraspinal muscles which can alert to muscular changes connected to vertebral subluxations.

As such, chiropractors can use sEMG to establish a baseline for paraspinal electrical activity.By detecting electronic imbalances between the muscles on the left and right side of the spine, doctors of chiropractic can more easily identify what adjustments must be made to correct a patient’s spinal misalignment.

Thermal Scanning is another breakthrough that are allowing chiropractors to see deeper into the internal structure of a body to see “hot spots” or heat concentrations within the body. The thermal scans can detect nerve impingements or nerve irritation areas by reading bodily heat signatures. This imaging helps in both targeting areas for adjustments as well as monitoring the status of the patient’s progress.

The technology used for this process are more advanced and sensitive than ever, making it easy to discover just where problems may lie. In addition, these scans are non-invasive; a simple scan of the patient’s spinal column gives doctors of chiropractic a quick, easy-to-read graph showing exactly the electronic data that will help pinpoint imbalances and other issues. The research is there, and the system works. Let’s make it work for you today.

Chiropractic care you can trust

Whether you’ve been a patient for years or a pesky health problem has left you with nowhere else to turn, Dr. Krieger at Krieger Health Solutions can help. Using his years of experience and new technologies like the thermal and surface EMG scans, Dr. Krieger can help children and adults with a variety of health problems. For a free consultation give Krieger Health Solutions a call today at (770) 993-4425 or contact us at We look forward to helping you and your family achieve your health goals.

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