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Seeking a Chiropractor in Roswell for Swimmer’s Ear Can Mean Relief

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swimmer's earSwimmer’s Ear: An infection in the outer ear canal, most commonly contracted by children in the summertime, after spending a period of time in the water because the outer ear canal does not have time to dry – providing a perfectly inviting environment for an infection.

Chiropractic Care Could Be the Answer

The ear ache associated with swimmer’s ear is most commonly caused by a clogged Eustachian tube (the canals that go from the back of your throat to your middle ear). It can be painful and frustrating and left untreated can lead to even more serious conditions. Swimmer’s ear is most common in children because the Eustachian tubes are narrower and positioned horizontally making it harder to drain than adult ears. When these tubes are blocked, fluid gathers causing pain. This pain will not go away until the cause has been removed.

  • ear ache chiropractor in roswellChiropractic care locates and addresses the cause of the infection, not just the symptoms.
  • Chiropractic adjustments improve function in blood and lymphatic flow.
  • Releasing pressure on the nerves surrounding the neck and structures of the auditory system with specific adjustments can improve the blood flow to an area which helps drain toxins from an infection out of the body.
  • Being properly aligned allows air and fluids to move more freely through the Eustachian tubes.
  • 93% of all cases were improved following chiropractic treatment

The uppermost bone of the cervical spine lies immediately beneath the Eustachian tubes. By adjusting this bone misalignments are fixed and any neck, ear or head pain should be reduced or eliminated.

Just Keep Swimming

It is summertime, it is hot, we know you’re kids are going to want to cool off and there are some many different water activities to partake in, don’t let an ear infection slow them down. With chiropractic care, children will feel better quicker without the side effects from an antibiotic. Continued adjustments provide kids with a reduce chance of reoccurring swimmer’s ear issues and they are gentle and safe for all ages.  Krieger Health Solutions will help restore proper functioning of the nervous system which will help eliminate ear infection recurrence.

Chiropractic care can also boost a child’s immune system, which is helpful with all the outdoor summer fun taking place. Call us at (770) 993-4425 or contact us at to keep you in peak condition so you can enjoy the summer.

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