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ADHD Management Tips for Parents


ADHD is a chronic condition marked by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and sometimes impulsivity. It is essential to be honest with your child about ADHD and make sure they know that this isn’t their fault. Over 6.4 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD in the United States. It is important to consider the cause but remember that positivity is most important and treatment with medication should preferably be a last resort.Krieger ADHD

Helpful Parenting Tips

Raising a child with ADHD takes an adjustment of parenting style in order to limit destructive behavior and build up your child’s confidence. A general rule of thumb is to reward and encourage good behavior and negatively reinforce bad behavior, but here are a few more tips to help your child:

  1. Create Structure – Establish rituals around meals, homework, downtime, and bedtime. Limit the amount of time spent with electronics and encourage kids to spend time doing engaging activities.
  2. Break Tasks Up – Teach them to tackle things in manageable pieces so they don’t become overwhelmed or distracted. This will help boost confidence and reduce self-doubt.
  3. Provide a Quite Space – This space can be used for your child to do homework, calm down from tantrums and escape from everyday life.
  4. Organize the House – The organization helps reduce distractions and shows your child where things go.
  5. Be Consistent – Promise only what you can deliver, follow through, and remember repeating directions doesn’t always work well.
  6. Encourage Exercise – This helps burn energy in healthy ways as well as promotes focus on specific movements. Exercise may decrease impulsivity, improve concentration and decrease depression and anxiety.
  7. Define Rules but Be Flexible – Being consistent is important but being too strict is not beneficial either. Adapt with your child. Allow them to learn from their mistakes and be themselves. Don’t discourage quirky behavior.ADHD Sleep
  8. Regulate Sleep Patterns – Sleep can be hard for those suffering from ADHD. Eliminate stimulates like sugar and caffeine from their diet, turn the TV off way before bedtime and consider adding a calming ritual to promote sleep.
  9. Verbalize Thoughts – Talking through things helps with reasoning and limits the urge to act out when confusion arises. It also helps you understand their thought process.
  10. Manage Aggressive Behavior – Aggressive outbursts are common but should be contained. Time outs from the situation are helpful to calm your child and allow them to cool off and reflect on the negative behavior.

A Natural ADHD Relief

Studies and case reports have shown a positive link between behavior improvements in patients with ADHD and treatment using chiropractic care. The gentle spinal adjustments and therapies are natural and add to ADHD management and doesn’t try to stimulate or inhibit normal body function. Dr. Krieger and his team address the important relationship between the nervous system and disease. If you’re searching for a drug free solution to ADHD, Krieger Health Solutions is the holistic approach you’ve been searching for. Call us at (770) 993-4425 or contact us at:

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