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Benefits of a Krieger Cleanse this Summer

Summer Cleanse

Summer is right around the corner, it has even begun for some of us, so now is the time to kick start a healthier, lighter lifestyle for the warmer months and a cleanse is just the way to do it. Detoxing your body is like hitting the reset button. Our bodies are exposed to a large number of toxins daily, so a good quality cleanse is extremely beneficial and necessary to promote healthy living. Your body function, digestion, and bloating are some of the many things that can improve.

What is a detox/cleanse? cleanse water

A diet aimed to help the body rid itself of toxins. The human body has natural detox pathways such as the liver, colon, bowel and bladder but a cleanse helps aid the bodies vital organs rest and recover to increase their function. These diets usually involve a fast followed by clean eating (smoothies, supplements, herbs, teas, etc.) to promote detoxification.

A good cleanse will help you make long-term lifestyle changes, not just short-term weight loss. Strategies used in a cleanse will help promote and teach beneficial practices to be used outside of the cleanse as the participant stays committed to keeping healthy.

A Krieger Cleanse can:

  1. Help with Weight Loss. A cleanse will provide short term weight loss and teach you the skills needed for long-term weight loss with good eating habits. It can improve digestion and bile production which aids in breakdown of fat which can also lead to weight loss.
  2. Renew the Ability to Cope with Stress. Alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and caffeine all contribute to adrenal fatigue. By eliminating these stimulants the adrenal glands can reboot and help the body and mind be more focused and clear and cope with everyday stress without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Spark an Emotional Release. With the release of toxins comes the release of negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, fear, etc. Removing these emotions will decrease the physical aches and pains that come along with them. Most even experience a balancing of moods.
  4. Aid in Craving Control. Those pesky cravings that cause you to binge are usually caused by hormonal imbalances and excess sugar. By replacing the junk with whole foods, cravings are reduced and clean foods are successful in satisfying your hunger.
  5. Strengthen the Immune System. The detox that comes with a cleanse frees up your organs to function properly which boosts your immune system and allows it to absorb nutrients better. A stronger immune system can lead to unexpected benefits such as clearer skin, shinier hair and better breath.
  6. Increase Daily Energy. After a cleanse, many report higher levels of energy due to proper hydration techniques learned through the detox and the removal of harmful toxins via clean eating habits.
  7. Happy CleanseReset Eating Habits. A cleanse is short term, but it should be part of a long-term plan to get healthy and develop better lifestyle habits. This change can act as a reset and can help with future choices of foods and craving control.
  8. Increase the Needed Micronutrients. A deficiency of micronutrients can cause a number of diseases (iron deficiency, anemia, thyroid conditions, degenerative eye disease, etc.). A cleanse ensures your body flushes out toxins and replaces them with the essentials needed for good health.
  9. Remove Excess Waste. A cleanse stimulates the body to get rid of any extra waste it’s been storing, which helps the liver, kidneys and colon properly function and keep things moving within the body

The most popular types of cleanses are colon, liver, master, smoothie, juice, detox specific, supplement,  full body or a combination of a few.  No matter what type of cleanse you and Dr. Krieger settle on, know you are on your way to your best body, mind and lifestyle this summer.

Look and Feel Great This Summer with a Krieger Cleanse

Ready to start a cleanse and work on your summer body? Krieger Health Solutions will teach you how to start a cleanse and why other cleanses fail. Dr. Krieger will also educate you on how to keep the lost pounds off after the cleanse is over. Our program includes a diet plan, support calls, custom supplements and more. Let Dr. Krieger help you become a more vibrant, lighter and healthier version of yourself this summer. Find out how to start your summer cleanse now. Call us at (770) 993-4425 or contact us at:

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