Chiropractic Care for Your Seasonal Allergies Relief

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Chiropractic Care for Your Seasonal Allergies Relief

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Allergy Season is Quickly Approaching

Tis the season for itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny noses. 10-30% of the world’s population has allergies, making it one of the most common issues people deal with annually. Most of the time it isn’t necessary to look at a calendar to know allergy season is here, your body has already been telling you, especially if you live in Atlanta, one of the worst cities for allergy sufferers.

Chiropractic Care Can Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

With the proper treatment, a chiropractor can help reduce the amount of medication you have to take to manage your allergy symptoms giving you the much needed seasonal allergies relief you are looking for. Adding chiropractic care to your allergy season routine can do the following:

  1. Strengthen the Immune System
    • The efficiency of the immune system depends on good communication between the brain and the spinal cord to properly control the functions of the respiratory and immune systems. Any disruptions in this path such as, seasonal_allergy_spine_healthmisalignments of the neck, may weaken the immune system. These disruptions can exaggerate or bring on seasonal allergy symptoms.
  2. Regulate Stress Hormones

    • Many seasonal allergy sufferers are found to have weak adrenal glands which makes it harder for their bodies to moderate allergic reactions. These glands are fed directly by the T9 spinal nerve root, which means proper spine health and chiropractic care can strengthen the gland and provide allergy symptom relief.
    • Proper adjustments also regulate the production of cortisol, an anti-inflammatory hormone that combats the high production of histamine which the majority of seasonal allergies produce.
  3. Support the Respiratory System
    • The Respiratory System also depends on an uninterrupted path of communication to the brain. With chiropractic care this pathway stays open allowing your body to better withstand allergy attacks.
  4. Recommend Dietary and Lifestyle Changes
    • Chiropractors can also help you determine lifestyle anavoid_food_seasonal_allergyd dietary changes you may need to make in order to lessen your allergy symptoms. Avoid these foods during peak allergy season due to their high levels of histamines:
      • Parsley (tree pollen)
      • Tomatoes (grass)
      • Celery (grass)
      • Zucchini (ragweed)
      • Aged, Picked or Fermented foods
      • Spicy foods, such as Thai or Mexican

Sneeze Less This Allergy Season

Regular chiropractic care can help you manage your seasonal allergy symptoms. Krieger Health Solutions offers a whole-body approach to chiropractic care. To learn more and begin your journey to feeling better, call us at: 770-993-4425 or email us at:

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