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5 Mental Health Benefits from Seeing a Holistic Chiropractor

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There is a connection between the mind and body. Did you know that a holistic chiropractor could achieve some serious mental health benefits? Find out here.

If you’re one of the 43.8 million Americans  suffering from mental health issues, seeing a holistic chiropractor can offer a solution to finding relief from the stress and tension that can manifest itself both mentally and physically. Often physical
symptoms associated with depression, chronic illness, stress and migraines can be reduced if not resolved completely through chiropractic care.

A Holistic Chiropractor Can Mend the Connection between Pain and Depression depression_pain

Pain is actually a common symptom of depression. It doesn’t matter which came first – the pain or the sadness – but what is certain is that when you’re in pain all day, it’s hard to keep a positive mental outlook.

Patients with Disease or Chronic Illness 

If you are dealing with life-threatening illness, a socially debilitating disease or a disorder like ADHD, often feelings of anxiety and sadness can manifest themselves physically in your body. This often leads to mental health issues that can hamper your body’s immune system, slow recovery and affect sleep habits.

Many times working with a holistic chiropractor can address sleep issues through adjustments. With regular chiropractic care, adjustments can help to release endorphins and change in oxytocin levels; the result is you feel more mentally relaxed leading to improved sleep and relief from pain.

Children’s Migraineschild_migraine

10% of children being treated for emotional trauma and stress suffer from migraines. Getting an adjustment from a holistic chiropractor should be seen as a part of your child’s mental health treatment plan.

Realign Your Body and Your Mind

A spine misalignment affects your nervous system throwing things “out of whack”. This misalignment can have a direct impact on your mood as well as your body’s ability to perform daily activities. Often the combination of physical and mental discomfort can send a body into a spiral with one issue affecting the other until relief is sought out. In addition, if help is consulted through traditional avenues in the medical field, patients often experience even further complications related to the introduction of medications which can have undesirable side effects.

Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life

A holistic chiropractor can help you to uncover and to improve the connection between mental and physical health. Krieger Health Solutions offers a whole body approach to chiropractic care. To learn more and begin your journey to feeling better, call us at: 770-993-4425 or email us at:

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