natural relief for constipation
Natural Relief For Constipation
December 23, 2016
A Roswell Chiropractor for a Healthy New Year
January 6, 2017

New Year’s Health Tips: How To Stay On Track

New Year's Health TIps


Can You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s easy to imagine the new, improved you.


  • The you that exercises more.
  • The you that no longer eats processed food.
  • The you that has positive body image.


Making your New Year’s resolution is an opportunity to sit down and reflect on the more physically fit person you want to become going into the next year.


No matter what your goal, the journey to the new you is not a straight line from point A to point B. It’s often A to G with several twists, turns, and benchmark goals along the way. Think of it like climbing a mountain. Few people just strap on their hiking boots and tackle Mount Everest. You train, plan and prepare. You try hiking a smaller mountain first. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best strategy for beginning your journey.

Here are a few New Year’s Health Tips to help you begin the climb to the new you.

 New Year's Health Tips

Drink More Water. This is as easy as it gets and yet many Americans unknowingly suffer from dehydration. Drinking more water improves just about everything including: weight loss, constipation, skin care, and even daily productivity. Assess how much water you need to drink each day and then stick to that goal. If you’re used to sugary drinks try adding a little fruit in a pitcher overnight to enhance the taste. Need energy? Green tea both hydrates and energizes you during those 3pm doldrums.



Unplug Daily. Thanks to modern electronics we’re tuned in 24/7 and more stressed than ever. Media overload can increase your risk for depression, social anxiety and job burnout. Spending an hour with no electronics will improve both your mental and physical health. Take 60 minutes a day to walk outside, practice light yoga, or discover a new hobby. Turn off electronics before you go to bed to improve your sleep quality.


Sit Less. There’s a reason they say sitting is the new smoking. Recently, research has linked sitting for 8 hours or more in a day with developing kidney disease, as well as a host of other chronic conditions. While sitting is mandatory for most office professions, finding ways to get out of the office chair is the new goal; get creative and expand your comfort zone whenever possible. The human body is designed to be upright, but in modern society sometimes we need to help it out. Consider a standing desk and walk around while talking on the phone.



Visit A Chiropractor. We live in an age where we expect instant results. It’s one of the reasons that New Year’s resolutions are so frustrating—there are times that your goals plateau, times that you fail, and times you just want to give up. One routine that can help not only improve but maximize your New Year’s health resolution is to visit a chiropractor.New Year's Health Tips


If you are looking to exercise more but chronic pain is stalling your workout, a chiropractor can provide treatment solutions that get you back into the gym. Chiropractic treatment can also improve posture, regulate your diet, and pinpoint underlying causes that might be obstacles on the journey to the new you.  After all, even the most skilled mountain climbers need a Sherpa.


The most important thing is to never give up even if there are weeks in which you don’t make any progress. Establish small, manageable goals. It is possible to be both optimistic and realistic. Regular adjustments can help restore balance within the body and encourage you to maintain your New Year’s Resolution.


Committed to your New Year’s Resolution? It’s never too early to start. Make an appointment for an evaluation at Krieger Chiropractic Office. We provide complete chiropractic care in the greater Roswell, Ga area.

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