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Natural Relief For Constipation

natural relief for constipation

Are you looking for natural relief for Constipation?

 While sitting around the Christmas tree, lighting the menorah, or having holiday drinks with friends, the last thing you want to think about is constipation. It’s extremely uncomfortable. Adding the pressures of social mixers with friends and family can make it even worse (and embarrassing). Sometimes, you need natural relief for constipation.

Oftentimes, the main culprit for constipation is poor diet and exercise.  Adding a little more fiber to your meals and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise can help relieve constipation. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix don’t be too eager to reach for the over the counter laxatives. Not only can they wreak havoc on your digestive system but ironically enough they can further your constipation. While there is a wide array of natural relief for constipation, the easiest ones can be found in your own kitchen.

Natural Relief for Constipation Can Be Found In Your Own Kitchen Cabinet.

  natural relief for constipation

Baking Soda. This product is an unstoppable force when it comes to home remedies. For constipation relief all you have to do is add a teaspoon of baking soda to warm water and drink it. Will it taste great? No. Will it help relieve constipation? Results may vary. You can also add lime essential oil to the mix which is also a well-known digestive aid. And if you’re feeling brave, apple cider vinegar will also help keep things moving.


Black Coffee. You probably know already that coffee is a natural diuretic. Drinking a cup of black coffee with no sugar or cream can help relieve constipation naturally. HOWEVER: do not drink coffee all day for its laxative properties.  Limit the dehydrating effect of the caffeine in coffee by either drinking decaffeinated coffee or water.


Prune Juice. Drinking prune juice or eating prunes is a classic constipation treatment and has been used by people for thousands of years. Not only is this fruit high in fiber, but also contains sorbitol that helps to soften stools. Remember, too much of any natural laxative is never recommended and prunes are a special case in point. Too much prune juice and well—you will be dealing with the opposite problem. Drink wisely.

If Your Constipation Persists There Is Relief Outside of Laxatives.


There are times when a high fiber diet is not enough. Chiropractic treatment has provided great success to patients suffering from constipation. Through regular adjustments nerve irritation causing misaligned vertebrae or subluxations within the digestive system, can be realigned. This spinal misalignment can slow down movement within the large intestine causing bowel movements to become irregular and infrequent. After receiving chiropractic adjustments patients who had come to think of their once or twice per week bowel movements as “normal for me” become far more regular and thus, far healthier.

If constipation has turned into a chronic problem reach out to Krieger Health Solutions. We will get you and everything else running smoothly again. Make an appointment today for an evaluation at Krieger Chiropractic Office. We provide complete chiropractic care in the greater Roswell, Ga area.


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