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Corporate Wellness in Roswell

corporate wellness

Does your office need a corporate wellness plan?

One might logically think that as we migrated from the more laborious and physically dangerous occupations—such as farming and factory work—that the rate of injury and lost work time and productivity would decrease. But . . . it has not.

In fact, stress and injury have increased as we have become less physical in our employment, shifting from the farm and factory to the desk and computer.

Corporate wellness could be the solution to lowering the risk of ailments due to sitting all day. 

One of the reasons for this lies in the new saying that you may have heard: “Sitting is the new smoking.”

This means that the more time we spend on our butts the more likely we are to have a health-related disease or syndrome as a result. In the old days of farm or factory work we stood and moved about, as our bodies are intended to do.

Unfortunately, today we sit for hCorporate Wellnessours and our health deteriorates. Our spines undergo marked degeneration. This then leads to pain and discomfort which results in lost productivity and missed days at work and later on surgical intervention and prescription medication, which are expensive and without a good track record of efficacy.


In the index report created by it was demonstrated that 70% of full time American employees highly dislike sitting for long periods of time. 85% of employee’s report taking breaks during work due to the pain and discomfort of sitting, resulting in an average loss of productivity ranging from fifteen minutes to two hours per day among employees.

Employers who implement an injury prevention program should expect a return on investment of up to six times the initial fees. A direct correlation has been demonstrated between safety of employees and increased financial gain for the company.

Krieger Health Solutions has a variety of programs available for the employer who recognizes the financial value of workplace wellness, ranging from ergonomic instruction all the way to Corporate Concierge Wellness.

Look for our next blog post which will discuss the differences and importance of the three different forms of ergonomics: Standard Ergonomics, Cognitive Ergonomics and Neuro Ergonomics.



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