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Headaches: It’s Not Normal It’s Common


Headaches and other problems are something we’ve grown to accept in our day to day lives. But are they truly normal?

When I sit and speak with my new patients I always ask about their health history and any problems they may have in addition to whatever brought them into my office. I do this for two reasons:

The first is that very often the problems that they came to see me for are related to other problems they are currently suffering from.

The second reason is that I often find that people do not recognize that chiropractic and nutrition can help them correct their other problems.

One of the most frequently repeated phrases I hear from patients when they tell me about their health is that their problems, whatever they are – acid reflux, allergies, painful or irregular periods – are ‘the normal kind.’

Do you ever have headaches? I’ll ask.

“Oh sure,” iheadachess the response. “But they’re the normal kind.”

Now I don’t want anyone reading this to be too shocked BUT there are no normal symptoms!

Of course it would be normal to have a headache the morning after a night out with your crew during which you managed to try every kind of martini the bar tender knew how to make. So while your body’s normal reaction is to have a headache the morning after the night before – it’s not normal to poison your body with toxic levels of alcohol.

In order to achieve a state of health and well being it is vital to understand that saying you have a normal headache is like saying you have a normal tumor.

Of course when we watch TV or read popular magazines we are told repeatedly that symptoms are normal. We are assured that our headaches, migraines, allergies, digestive dysfunction, are perfectly normal. Or that our kids’ ADD/ADHD, ear infections, asthma, susceptibility to colds and flu are also normal.

We look around our workplace and see our colleagues are dealing with the same problems, purses and briefcases rattling with bottles of pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-acids. We go to pick up our kids at school and see their classmates are carrying asthma inhalers or hear from the teacher that a number of kids are out due to colds or the flu.  So many people are dealing with the same health issues – they MUST be normal!

When many people have the same problem, that does not make it normal – that makes it COMMON.  Health is normal. Symptoms and illness are not.  As you read this you know it to be true. You know that you and your children are not supposed to live lives that are confined to the limits of your symptoms and illnesses.

Chiropractic care removes interference from the central nervous system so it can properly control and coordinate the other systems within the body so that breathing, digestion, circulation, reproduction, sleep and other basic functions can be optimal and without symptoms. We work to make headaches no longer normal And that is normal.



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