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October 21, 2016
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Symptoms vs. Health: What’s the Difference?

Health and Symptoms

Symptoms and Health.

If you were to ask someone what they thought the definition of ‘health’ was they’d probably say “when I have no pain”, or “when I’m not sick”, or “when I have no symptoms”.  In other words most people when asked will say that if they are without symptoms then they are healthy.

Is that true, though? Are we healthy simply because we have no symptoms? What if my car had a flashing “check engine” light and my response was to place a strip of masking tape over the light – does that make the car function properly?  Of course not, you’re thinking, that’s just silly. What if I brought my car to a mechanic and asked him fix the check engine light and he placed the strip of tape over the light – would that make it any less silly? No it wouldn’t.

Health and Symptoms

Your body was created with a whole lot of different “check engine” lights. They are the symptoms you have when you drink too much or eat junk. They are also the chronic symptoms you have over and over again like headaches, gastric reflux, painful periods, allergies or the symptoms your kids have like asthma, ear infections, constipation, and so on.

When you use drugs to cover up the symptoms you or kids have without learning why those symptoms are there you’re placing masking tape over the “check engine” light.  And just like a car that continues to be driven after the warning light has been covered up, your body will also break down after enough damage has accumulated.

Just as the auto mechanic will evaluate your car’s problems and then correct those mechanical issues so that your car runs the way it should, we use chiropractic adjustments to restore normal neurological activity and, when necessary, functional nutrition to correct metabolic dysfunction and allow the body to return to a state of normal function. And just as the well functioning car runs smoothly and efficiently, a body free from nerve interference and receiving proper nutrition will work well and usually without symptoms.

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