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Asthma is becoming more and more common. It used to be a pretty rare thing to have an asthmatic child in a classroom. Now it is common to see kids with inhalers and nebulizers. Advertisements on TV and in parenting magazines tell us that asthma is to be looked upon as a normal part of our society. We do not agree.

Asthma is a dysfunction of the respiratory system resulting in constricted airways and labored breathing, usually with wheezing and difficulty catching one’s breath. While many asthmatic episodes are merely inconvenient, severe episodes can be life threatening.

The most common method of treating asthma is through the use of powerful steroid medications and drugs that relax the airways. After seeing a child go through a severe asthmatic episode it is easy to understand why parents put their children on these medications. Unfortunately the drugs do not change why the child has asthma and can have severe and dangerous side effects. Many parents, while they do not want their child to suffer with asthma or experience a life threatening asthmatic attack, understand that just covering up symptoms with powerful medications and steroids is not a solution to their child’s health problems.

A Better Approach to Asthma Treatment

In our practice we have seen chiropractic adjustments provide dramatic improvement for children with asthma. This improvement is not because chiropractic adjustments “treat” asthma, even though there are several studies proving the effectiveness of chiropractic care for asthma. Chiropractic adjustments correct misalignments of the spine called “subluxations”. Subluxations interfere with normal nerve function and adjustments correct subluxations allowing for the restoration of normal nerve function. When an asthmatic child receives chiropractic adjustments, the respiratory system receives normal nerve flow and the air passages can then relax and function normally.

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    It has been our experience that while many asthmatic children have an excellent response to chiropractic care alone we often find it very helpful, if not necessary, to use functional nutrition to more fully correct the underlying cause of the condition. Just as with chiropractic care we do not use nutrition to treat asthma but to help the body to return to normal function. Normally functioning children do not have asthma. Or ear infections. Or colic. Or allergies. Or acid reflux. Or ADHD. Or any of the other conditions children suffer with and parents have been told to learn to accept as “normal”.

    When you bring your child to our office they’ll receive a digital analysis of their nervous system as well as a neurological evaluation. Kids are okay with our exams because they are painless and mostly computerized. Have you met a kid who didn’t like computers? Parents like our exams because they get to see what is causing their child’s dysfunction and understand how chiropractic adjustments will help to correct it.