February 13, 2017
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Chiropractic for Athletes? Super Bowl LI Thinks So

Super Bowl LI Included Chiropractic for Athletes All 32 NFL teams include the professional services of a doctor of chiropractic as part of their integrated health care team approach, according to a February 1, 2017 release by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Both the Super Bowl participants, the Atlanta Falcons […]
February 10, 2017
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Chiropractic for Better Sex? 

Chiropractic for Better Sex? Can An Adjustment Really Do That? The answer is maybe. For some couples, experiencing a better, more fulfilling sex life can be hard due to a number of health issues. But, have you ever thought about seeing a chiropractor for your libido? Maybe it’s time. Chiropractic […]
February 6, 2017
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The Skinny on Weight Loss Hormones

What Do Hormones Have to Do With Weight Loss? You probably recognize testosterone, estrogen and HGH as hormones. Perhaps not as commonly recognized, is the vital role that hormones play in maintaining a healthy weight. If you are trying to lose weight this year, understanding how to harness the power […]
February 3, 2017
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Estrogen, Do You Have Happy Hormones?

Estrogen, the Hormone You Love to Talk About but Not in Mixed Company Hormones, especially estrogen, are a hot topic in health care right now and for good reason – they control so much in your body.
January 27, 2017
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Chiropractic Care for Weight Loss

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss? Nowadays most people, especially those who experience trouble losing weight, are exploring chiropractic care as a noninvasive, medicine-free solution to weight loss. Even with the most regimented diets, most people remain unsuccessful in losing weight and keeping it away. Diseases such as IBS, […]