May 3, 2017
Baseball Injury

Chiropractic Care Goes to Bat for Baseball Injury

Most people don’t think of baseball as a dangerous sport, mainly because of its lack of player contact. Don’t be fooled by its simple nature, baseball players can get seriously injured, and the injuries are usually self inflicted. Any time you have fast moving muscles being put in awkward positions, […]
April 27, 2017
Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Diet and Fitness Fads to Beware Of

The desire to lose weight and keep the weight off is common among many, yet sticking to a diet and exercise plan is one of the hardest things for someone to do. Life gets in the way and we fall victim to quick fixes and fad health trends to try […]
April 18, 2017
Farmers Market Nutrition

Best Nutrition Tips for this Season

Healthy Eating 101 In this time between Spring and Summer, a lot of great foods are coming into season and farmer’s markets are popping up everywhere. These offer a plethora of delicious seasonal foods that offer unbeatable nutrition that is usually better for you than the produce and foods sold […]
April 11, 2017
Active Lifestyle

Coming Out of Hibernation for Spring

Spring into Action The cold weather is officially gone and springtime has made its appearance. The air is warmer, the days are longer, and our energy seems to be up. Now is the time to re-commit yourself to a more active lifestyle. Even though most people know the benefits, many […]
April 5, 2017

Digestion: How Chiropractic Care Can Help

What Controls What? The digestive system is a series of organs that convert food into essential nutrients that are absorbed into the body as well as move unused waste material out of the body. Any disturbances in the body can compromise the function of the digestive system. Consider your nervous […]